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Preak Khan Kompong Svay

Trip to this remote temple should start in early morning by durable fake breitling watches uk drive over than 2 hours with 160Km distancefrom Siem Reap, and surly that we will spend full day to reach the temple & back. Preah Khan Kompong Svay or Bakan is ruined complex temples  located in Ta Siang village, Ronakse commune, Sangkum Thmei district, about 105 kilometers southwest of the Preah Vihear  provincial town, 75km north of the Kompong Thom province and about 100 kilometers east of Angkor Wat and it is a former worship place of the king. There are few historical data about Preah Khan Kompong Svay. French scholars argued it had been founded in the 11th century, probably by Suryavarman I. It was a royal residence during the kingdom of Suryavarman II and even Jayavarman VII lived here, before recapturing the capital city of Yasodharapura from invading Chams in 1181, and improved the complex.


Preah Khan Kompong Svay covers an area about 5 kilometers square, is oriented to northeast and has four concentric enclosures. It was provided with water by a large Baray 2.8 km by 750 m but almost completely dried at present, which crosses the eastern side. On an artificial island (Mebon) in the middle of the Baray there is Preah Thkol, a cruciform temple in sandstone with a standing central towel. In the southeastern corner stands the remains of the 15 metres high pyramid of Preah Damrei, with laterite enclosure and two stone elephants (Damrei means elephant) at its upper corners. The other two elephants are exhibited at the National Museum of Phnom Penh and Guimet Museum in Paris.


The temple is surrounded by two ramparts-insides and swiss high-quality replica watches outside rampart. Inside each rampart, there are many other temples such as Neang Peou and Dangkao Baodos temples.The temple was likely a royal palace and worship place. According to historians, the site used to be a hiding place of King Jayavarman VII before he ascended to the throne in AD 1181 because the style of some construction is similar to the style of Bayon and Ta Prohm temples.


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