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My Briefing Biography

My name is Dyna, I was born in 1984 in a big farmer family in a rural area, which is on the outskirts of Siem Reap town. I am the fourth child among 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Since my childhood I have a big responsibility doing farming work whilst struggling to continue my education until grade 12. However, I have been given it up due to family financial hardship. Fortunately, because I got some English skills from the free of charge English class in the village and strengthened it through practicing with tourists visiting Angkor, I got an asset to start my career in tourism.


2002 I joined the tourist transport association in Siem Reap international airport. I was very successful in the career because of my enthusiasm, language proficiency, and talents in guiding my clients. I always had good times with my clients and good memory upon their leaving.
2005-2006, I used to try a different career as an electrician & Plumber.
2007-2009 I served other services in the industry as well as attendant in casino club then receptionist at a small hotel in Siem Reap.


2010 I worked as the reservation in 5 stars hotel for a few months then I started to work for Non-Government Organization with project Poor, Homeless and Orphanage Building Education Center in Siem Reap as the Administrator to present.
Motivated by this humanitarian work, I have been thinking about doing something more and better for my life as well my old parents and family under my support. Then, i realized that my talents, skills, and experience in tourist industry might help solve the problem. I got a car from bank loan and started the Cambodia Pick Up Services with a mission to put a SMILE to my tourists, orphans, and my family. I have been devoted to making this service successful with a vision to make it a largest humanitarian tour in Cambodia.

Email:  Tel (+855) 12 520 908

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